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GCM-I-Drive IDA Saving Program

Through a partnership with the Community Action Agency, GCMI has a vehicle purchase saving program called GCM-I-Drive IDA Program. The program provides an opportunity to save for the purchase of a vehicle for eligible low-to-moderate income participants, enabling them to obtain or keep employment. Participants will need to save up to $1,333 in an Individual Development Account (IDA). Once the targeted amount is obtained, the agency will match their savings at $2 dollars for every $1 dollar saved, totaling up to $4,000. Once the savings goal has been reached, the participant will be able to purchase a vehicle from a designated dealership.

The Resiliency Fund Grants

The Resiliency Fund- Tier 1-The Operational Emergency Relief Grants ($2,500) and Tier 2-Community Opportunity Grants ($5,000)

are designed to support black and brown minority businesses that need funding to help stabilize and/or address an immediate hardship in their business. The focus of these funds is to support smaller minority businesses that are continuing to operate and plan to operate for the remaining calendar year of 2022 and 2023 in the Greater Cincinnati Area (currently Hamilton County).

There will be 50 total applications accepted and applications will be randomly selected for this period. (Once the application pool is filled the application portal will be closed)

Eligible Minority Businesses of color applicants will submit required documentation through the application portal that will be provided. Submission of this application does not guarantee approval or selection. All applicants that receive funding will be required to work with a partner Technical Assistance provider. Please review the required documents needed if selected. Please submit the required information as requested.

A business may only apply for one of the following Tiers of the Resiliency Fund during this period. Multiple applications by the business or its business owner(s) will result in IN-ELIGIBILITY of any Resiliency Fund

The two levels of the Resiliency Grant will be the 2022 application period:

- Tier 1-The Operational Emergency Relief Grants ($2,500)

- Tier 2-Community Opportunity Grants ($5,000)

There will be a limited amount of grants available for each level. There will be only one application pool. Grant awards will be based on 2021 or 2022 verified revenue levels.  The number of available grants will be listed on the application description. More grant opportunities may vary depending on available funding. Please review the grant offerings description to determine eligibility.


The Resiliency Fund is provided by the Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio and is administered by the Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative (GCMI)

All communication for these Grant offerings will be by email only. Please submit through the Application portal or application portal email address.


The REsiliency Fund Team 

Welcome to the start of your entrepreneur discovery! Do you want to learn how to create a plan to launch your concept, and want to deepen your thought process on how to attract and keep customers? Then, these hybrid course is for you!

Great for: Startup/ Advanced Entrepreneurs or idea-ready business owners, and/or small businesses who are ready to launch and looking for education, access to capital and business structuring.

Our Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is a 9- week hybrid program meaning the traditional classroom can be online training and in-person. Our blended Ice House Entrepreneur program is facilitated using an online learning platform and classroom labs that run typical twice a week currently on Zoom because of COVID-19 Guidelines

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify and evaluate business opportunities that others overlook
  • Transform a simple idea into a sustainable success
  • Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset as a life-skill
  • Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs

Additionally what should students expect?

• Master the eight entrepreneurial mindset lessons as outlined in the book "Who Owns the Ice House" by Clifton Taulbert 

• Have access to online interaction with experienced classroom facilitators and coaches via Zoom

Meet one-on-one virtually with facilitators to reach your full potential

• Interact and receive ongoing support from peers who are on a similar journey

• Develop or re-engage your entrepreneurial spirit

Online Delivery Options:

Digital Classroom (9) weekly 2- hour sessions (twice a week) Time: 6:30-8:30pm (evenings only)

• Weekly reading and content discussion sessions 

• Required Homework submitted through IHEP Classroom

• Related "Real World" activities 

• Multiple Choice Assessment assess your basic knowledge and comprehension 

• Virtual Whiteboard Canvas Coaching

• Personal Experience – Reflection survey on your entrepreneurial learning experience