The Minority Small Business Rental Assistance Program has been crafted to extend relief and offer Technical Assistance support exclusively to Black and Brown Businesses currently facing hardships. The Rental Assistance Program has been designed to alleviate delinquencies, providing support for a cumulative period of up to three (3) months, with a maximum cap of $5,000, which includes the option of an advanced lease/rent payment for the third month. Award amounts will be determined based on Lease or Rent payments and months covered. Funds can only be used for Lease or Rent payments. 


Award disbursements shall be made payable to the Landlord/Leasing agent. It is imperative that all documentation is diligently completed and signed, and all applications are required to have all documents submitted at the time of application submission. Incomplete applications will not be given consideration.


Technical Assistance is required for all applications. Each Applicant must meet or be interviewed by a designated Technical Assistance provided by GCMI. 


Please be advised that the number of available applications is limited, and they will be processed in the order of their submission. Once the application limit has been reached, the application will be closed. Based on funding availability, additional application periods may be considered. 


Rental Assistance Grant Eligibility:


1. African American or Hispanic Owned Business (51%)

2. For Profit Business

3. In Business for 12 months or more

4. Business is located within the City of Cincinnati Corporate limit

5. Business is located in a commercial space

6. Cannot be past due more than 4 months in lease/rent payments

7. Plans to maintain business in current space

8. Statement of the post-COVID-19 economic conditions contributed to the reduction of revenues

9. Business has revenues of $1,500,000 or less

10. In good standing with the State of Ohio


Required Documentation for Rental Assistance Grant Consideration: 


1. Completed Application

2. Secretary State of Ohio Good Standing Certificate 

3. A copy of your Driver’s License, Passport, or State ID

4. 3 Months of Business Bank Statements 

5. 2022 Business Tax return and/or Personal Tax return 

6. Landlord/Leasing agent Signed Statement (document provided)

7. Landlord/Leasing agent Signed Debarment Statement

8. Copy of the signed lease Agreement

9. Record of a past due status anytime over the past 3 months 

10. Statement of need completed.



This application shall exclusively engage in discussions and correspondence with the applicant (the business owner) and not with the landlord or leasing agent. Awards shall be deemed eligible for retrieval solely by the business that has received the award. Proper identification and a signature shall be mandatory prerequisites for the retrieval process. It is important to note that the Rapid Tenancy and Rental Assistance programs bear no responsibility for any payments made directly to the landlord or leasing agents.


Rapid Tenancy Program for Minority Businesses is sponsored by the Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio and The City of Cincinnati. This program is administered by the Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative (GCMI). The program support partners include the Lincoln & Gilbert Collaborative Partners and The PORT, Cincinnati.
All communication for this program will initially be through the portal by email only unless selected.

All communication will be through the Submittable portal initially.

You may only apply for one Small Business Rental Assistance application (individual and business)

  Good Luck!

  Willie Hill Executive Director, GCMI

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.